In order to fully understand Ciresa’s history, it is crucial to describe and analyse the place in which it was founded: Valsassina.

Valsassina is a small mountain valley located in the Alps.
In the past, Valsassina was the only way possible to go from Valtellina and Central Europe to the Po plain. Surrounded by the mountains, Valsassina succeeded in preserving its culture and tradition.

Like every alpine valley, Valsassina’s fundamental industry was agriculture, but then it experienced the development of the dairy industry.
Indeed, some of the most important Italian dairy companies were founded in Valsassina, a PDO area protected by the EU. 
In this valley, alpine pasture (mountain lands where cows move in summer) is still practised, since it is essential to preserve the traditional production of cheese.

Valsassina is famous world-wide for the seasoning of cheese.

It is not a consequence of good luck if the products made in Valsassina are considered to be of a higher quality. On the contrary, it is due to the protection of old, artisanal traditions, which have been passed down from one generation to another.
The most important values of our valley and its people are hard work, entrepreneurship and the devotion to our history.

Therefore, thanks to our homeland and its traditions, Ciresa was able to be successful in the global market. 
We are proud to be considered ambassadors of Valsassina and its values in the world.  

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