Our History


Ciresa’s history began in 1927, when Giovanni Ciresa, at the age of 25 years old, devoted himself entirely to collect the fresh cheese produced in Valsassina and then control its aging.

In his work life, Giovanni Ciresa was moved by passion, but he made sacrifices to build, in 1932, the first warehouse of the company, which was located near his house. 


The business was successful and Giovanni Ciresa could also rely on his sons Vittorio and Alfredo to help in managing the company. It was time to expand.

He started building in Bindo the dairy that, even in those days, met the business needs of productivity and operation coordination.


The brothers Vittorio and Alfredo, supported by their sons, began to build the modern headquarters in Introbio.

In 1986, the company moved to its new home, where it started increasing in size and number of staff. 


With the new warehouse in Sondrio, Ciresa started the development of a modern supply chain, which today includes a series of company logistic centres located in many Italian provinces.
The new warehouse allows our company to have more influence in the North of Italy.


Ciresa enhanced its supply chain with the building of a new warehouse, located in Lecco. Thanks to this warehouse, the company could reach a greater number of clients. 


Thanks to the experience acquired in a famous Gorgonzola factory in Novara, the company decided to build a new dairy in Cameri (province of Novara).
This new plant allowed Ciresa to double the productivity of Gorgonzola and strengthen its international presence.


In order to develop its supply chain, Ciresa built a further warehouse in Bergamo.
This unit allowed the company to reach many more clients and fulfil their needs more quickly.


Our values are still the same as in 1927: dedication to work and farsightedness in business, which lead us to face and overcome future challenges and gain the trust of the global market.
Ciresa can now cross those national borders that seemed so unreachable at first.
The world becomes a wider area to explore and globalization seems to be an extraordinary opportunity for us to expand. United States, Russia, China, Japan and Australia are now unexpectedly closer to Introbio.
The dream of a man and his family continues in the respect of tradition, but we are also aware that innovation is not only necessary to stay in the market, but also the better way to win the daily challenges of it.

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