Nostrano and Mandriano Butter

Our butter is available in two different types: Nostrano and Mandriano.

Ciresa Nostrano Butter has a straw-coloured paste and it is characterised by an aromatic taste and a typical mountain perfume.

Ciresa Mandriano Butter features a rich and genuine flavour, with a delicate taste fresh milk. It is perfect to prepare some typical alpine dishes.

Both butters are produced with high quality milk cream to guarantee a natural product.

Ciresa Butter has a creamy and spreadable texture. Its white paste and its aromatic savour prove its freshness and genuineness.

Ciresa Butter is available in the following formats: 500g or 250g rectangular bricks, 8g mini portions for restaurants and hotels.



Pasteurized CREAM

Shelf-life (from packaging day)

about 90 days

Lot identification

Number code


From milky white to lightly straw coloured




Creamy and spreadable


Smooth and homogenous

E. Coli (UFC/g)

< 100

Staphylococci coag. + (UFC/g)

< 100

Salmonella (UFC/25g)


Listeria monocytogenes (UFC/25g)


Our formats

Nostrano and Mandriano Butter 500 g
Nostrano and Mandriano Butter 250 g

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