After a briefing that took place at Albergo Gnocchi, the hotel in Cortenova that hosted the whole group, the crew and the presenter, Ms Gabriella Carlucci, started filming the Taleggio tale. The scenes ranged from the daily activity in a barn and the life in high pastures to the kitchen and consumer’s table.

Many scenes were filmed inside Ciresa’s factory in Introbio, where the owners, in particular Mr Vittorio Ciresa, explained the various procedures to produce Taleggio. In our factory, the salting and ripening of Taleggio were the focus of the filming.

It was a great pleasure for our company to host such an important and famous TV program. We are proud to have had the chance to participate in this episode of Mela Verde.

We are honoured to have been chosen to be the ambassadors of Valsassina in whole Italy and to have shown the history and the old, local tradition of our homeland and its most important product: Taleggio.