Milk and Cream

Ciresa milk comes from alpine pastures and it is high in proteins.

Thanks to modern technologies, Ciresa milk is a high quality product, which can be stored for a long time. Ciresa milk has a rich and genuine flavour.

It is available in boxes in two versions: semi-skimmed or unskimmed.

Ciresa cream is produced from the skimming of fresh milk.

Our single cream has a dense, luscious texture and a rich, sweet and delicate taste. It is perfect to prepare some of the molst famous Italian dishes.

Ciresa cream is available in the following formats: 500ml or 200ml cartons.



Fresh milk subjected to UHT treatment

Shelf-life (from packaging day)

max 90 days (after the opening, stored in the fridge for maximum 2-3 days)

Lot identification

Number code

Energy (Kcal/KJ)

unskimmed: 67 / 297; semi-skimmed: 48 / 204

Fat (g)

unskimmed: 3,6; semi-skimmed: 1,6

of which saturates (g)

unskimmed: 2,5; semi-skimmed: 1,2

Carbohydrates (g)

unskimmed: 5,1; semi-skimmed: 4,9

of which sugars (g)

unskimmed: 4,9; semi-skimmed: 4,8

Protein (g)

unskimmed: 3,5; semi-skimmed: 3,6

Salt (g)


Calcium (mg)


Our formats

Milk 1 L
Cream 200 ml

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